Every human face is different...Shouldn’t every CPAP mask be custom? Our nasal interface is made from a highly accurate 3D scan of the patient so our mask fits perfectly.

Ease of use

To get a one-size fits all masks to be effective a delicate dance of adjustments needs to done. Because the mask is a model of you, it fits perfectly for every patient resulting in less adjustments and a more accepting mask system.

Strap Tension

CPAP masks are prone to leaks and often result in the over tightening of the headgear straps. The tightening is not only uncomfortable but may cause abrasions and leave marks on the face. By using a 3D scan, patient specific adjustments can be made to the mask to ensure the headgear sits naturally, reducing any tension needed.

Nasal Cushion

Our software creates a unique patient nasal air seal, which allow our mask to fit naturally on the face. The precise fit is also more forgiving to movement during the night, maintaining a secure seal.