we develop unprecedented, life improving products

Metamason combines the practices of product design and software development with 3D printing technologies to build the future of mass customization. We are working to develop never-before-seen products that will improve lives through this hybrid of mass production and customization.

Uniting computer vision, digital engineering, cutting-edge design and additive manufacturing, we can create a product that perfectly fits the individual for whom it is designed. Our focus is on healthcare—a market where mass production fails humanity most acutely, and at the greatest cost, both in human and economic terms.


We intend to prove that customization signals a measurably better existence for anyone poorly served by anonymous objects.

Metamason doesn’t simply sell products; we provide connection to a curated process—one that enables your direct voice in objects that profoundly impact your life. Using your body as a template, our software builds in seconds what a team of designers and engineers would need months to achieve.