the era
of precision
medicine has


Metamason is dedicated to improving healthcare through technological innovation. Our health-focused software platform uses 3D scans of the body to create individually customized, 3D-printed products engineered for flawless fit.

Metamason’s revolutionary scan. fit. print. process unites digital scanning, 3D geometry visualization, human-centered design, and 3D printing in a complete end-to-end platform. With our intuitive app, doctors and patients are at the helm of the customization process.


Mass customization is the new frontier for product design, manufacturing, and service industries. It is a production system that leverages “smart” technology (such as 3D scanning and printing) to provide individually customized products at or near the low unit cost of traditional mass manufacturing. Mass customized products offer more variety, personalization, better fit and improved function over their mass-produced counterparts—all at a similar price point.


Personalized medicine is a new approach to healthcare based on each person’s unique body and genetic makeup. Customized diagnoses, treatments and products can be tailored to the individual according to unique factors such as the patient’s genomics, body shape or other collected biodata.

Personalized, on-demand solutions can be more than  inspiring or effective—they can be genuinely life changing. In the medical devices category, 3D technology has the power to provide individualized solutions that can dramatically improve functionality, comfort, compliance and effectiveness.

Many 3D-printed products already exist in the market, including prosthetic and surgical implants. As the immediate popularity of products like custom-fit hearing aids and invisible braces attests, personalized medical devices have the potential to succeed in unprecedented ways.